Anna-Maria Fernandez Garcia
Timeline: Great Empires

Anna-Maria Fernandez
Fernandez in traditional Aztec dress

Empress consort of the Aztecs
5 April 2009 – present

Predecessor Chixatotl
Successor Incumbent

Chairperson of the Native American League
7 August 2010 – present

Predecessor Grand Chief Talula
Successor Incumbent
Born 28 February 1989 (aged 24)
Herachtitlan, Aztec Empire
Spouse Quatzalzuma III
House Tenoch Dynasty (by marriage)
Father Alejandro Fernandez Gonzalez
Mother Paula Garcia Pena
Religion Roman Catholocism
 Anna-Maria Fernandez Garcia is the wife of Quatzalzuma III, Emperor of the Aztecs. She is of Spanish descent and she is the first Catholic and non-Aztec person to have ever joined the Imperial Family. Besides her status of consort she was also chosen as the chairperson of the Native American League in 2010.