In real life the Teutons and their allies migrated to southern France from the Jutland peninsula and won three battles against Rome. But they decided to split up and the Teutons and their allies were defeated separately by the Romans and dropped out of history. But what if the Teutons chose a different path and sailed to Britain instead? Then here is what might have happened.

Reasons for migration

The Teutons didn't like the farming land they had to farm on. So one day a Teuton explorer sailed to what is now Britain and discovered how rich the land is but how mighty the native Celtic Britons were. So he came back to his tribe and told King Teutobod all about Britain.


King Teutobod ordered 50 ships to be built and he gathered up a huge army of 5000 men including some of his allies who helped build more ships and combined their armies with the Teutons. The Teutons allies were Cimbri, Angles and Ambrones. They were very close allies with the Teutons. So they sailed the North Sea and in to Britain were they landed and raided small villages until they came to a hill fort were they cleverly captured each hill forts. After they captured each hill fort they called for more reinforcements from their homelands.

The final battle

In the final battle the Teutons and her allies reached the what is now the English and Wales border met a Last Celtic tribe. The battle rang for almost a day until the Teutons were victorious. Mean while in the north the Teutons and her allies were in what is now the English Scottish border. their they won against the Picts.


By now the Teutons and her allies had killed enslaved or forced the Britons west in Wales. Soon thousands of Teutons and the tribes that helped them settled in what is now England but changed the name to Teutonland. The settlers built farms and villages and fortress to protect the settlers from the Britons.


King Teutobod and his allies want to create a united kingdom so they made this, 3 time a year chieftains from all the tribes will discuss important matters and the priests will also have a impact on government. King Teutobod also said that their will be a king but the king will have limited power and is the commander of all the warriors. But King Teutobod said no there will be no wars between any tribe and if there is a problem then it will be solved by talking to each other.

Teutonic Knights

100 years later there was a military order that helps protect settlers in frontier areas near the borders. They build fortress train local militias and command them. They are in charge of the land that they protect and help solve local issues. Soon they had a say in the government. They ride horses and they were winged helmets and they were chain mail armor. They also became a military unit. At least that was what the Roman traders wrote about them. The Romans thought of the Anglo Teuton people as "civilized barbarians".


Like most Germanic societies  Women were treated fairly but could not be warriors and they owned the household and command the slaves. According the Roman traders their women wore red dress and a white over dress. They reported that many of them wore braids.

Written language

During the 1st century AD Anglo Teuton traders brought with them the runic alphabet. The runic alphabet was similar to the Anglo Teuton language so they began to use it.


The Anglo Teutons prayed to ancient Germanic gods like Odin and Thor. Their religion was just like the ancient Germanic religion but with a few changes. One of these changes was Druids. When Anglo Teuton raiders were enslaving the Britons they found Druids and were amazed at their knowledge that the Anglo Teutons decided to add some Celtic elements to their religion.


The Anglo Teutons were very good wood workers. So their cities were made out of wood. Their largest city Toudon was their capital. It was built on the river Tamas. In the middle of the city there was a huge hall were the Anglo Teuton nobles met 3 times a year. In Anglo Teuton Toudon there lived wood workers fishermen and blacksmiths. Traders sail the river Tamas to parts of the Roman empire.


The Roman empire also trade with the Anglo Teutons. The merchants told the Romans how rich the Anglo Teuton people were. Soon Emperor Claudius heard this and decided to bring some Roman legions to Britain.

When Claudius' generals came to the shores of the Anglo Teuton kingdom he saw Anglo Teuton warriors ready to fight.

The warriors reported one of Claudius generals wore chain mail armor and goggled helmets. the Anglo Teuton warriors were in battle position. So a battle was fought and the Anglo Teutons with their high number of warriors and superior battle skills defeated the Romans. Claudius lost half of his legion. It proved a disaster for Rome. Rome abandoned the conquest of Anglo Teuton Britain.

Then 400 years later the Saxons arrived in Britain. A wise Anglo Teuton king decided to make peace with the Picts. Soon the Picts accepted the peace offer. A Pictish king said he was tiered of fighting the Anglo Teutons. The Saxons not only raided Anglo Teuton villages but raided Pictish villages as well. The pagan Teutonic knights and Pictish warriors fought side by side with each other against the Saxons. The Saxons abandoned their conquest of Britain and turned to settling what is now northern Germany.

The Saxons created the Saxon kingdom in northern Germany. Meanwhile the Anglo Teutons and Picts became peaceful towards each other until 15 centuries later. As for the Norse people they focused more in eastern Europe so no Norse raiders in Britain or Ireland.

600 years later in 1066 the kingdom of the Franks invaded southern Britain. With the Norwegians, Danes and Swedes focusing on Eastern Europe there is no Norse invasion of England. The Anglo Teutons can only use much of their strength against the Franks. the Franks were defeated near the shore of southern Britain. Since then no one dared to invade Britain until the 1900s.

The Middle Ages

100 years after the Anglo Teutons arrived. The Teutonic Knights came to power in the frontier regions. They became part of the Anglo Teuton government and society. The Teutonic Knights and the nobles did not fight each other. The Anglo Teuton government and society was similar to Medieval society. During the 1000s to 1500s it was Anglo Teuton Britain was same as it was in ancient times. Except during this period there was some technology changes.

The Anglo Teuton traders brought new ideas with them. Like books and libraries. Soon the Anglo Teuton language changed a little. Learning created a new group of people in Anglo Teuton society. These people were teachers who taught children about history and mathematics.

During this time the Anglo Teutons were fiercely Pagan.

Discovery of the Americas

The Anglo Teutons had close contact with the Irish and the Norse. Anglo Teuton traders soon heard stories of a land to the west from the Norse. The Anglo Teuton government decided to send explorers to the land. Anglo Teuton explores set sail with Norse explorers. Because the Anglo Teutons had an ally with a Norse clan. Soon the Anglo Teutons and Norse explorers had reached a Norse settlement on Markland. Anglo Teuton explorers explored the north east cost of America. The Anglo Teuton explorers went back to Teutonland and told the Anglo Teuton government everything. Because of a strong alliance between the Anglo Teutons, the Picts and the Welsh the Teutonic Knights were not needed for defence any more. So the Teutonic Knights and their families were the first settlers of a land the Anglo Teuton explorers claimed. Soon more settlers came. The Anglo Teuton settlers built castles made out of wood for the Teutonic Knights and some farms around it built by the farmers. The first Anglo Teuton settlement was created.100 years later and there were as many as 15 huge settlements and they created their own government modeled after the Anglo Teutons. Soon they asked the Anglo Teuton government for independence. The wise men and women convinced the leaders to allow them to have independence so they did but on one condition. They have to be permanent allies of Teutonland and so they agreed and this was how the second European country was formed in America. Markland was the first. This was in the 1600s A.D.

Early Modern Period

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