The Invasion of India by the Zulus

Isandlwana was an immediate catastrophe for the British. However, the victory of the Zulus did not end the war. With the decisive defeat of Chelmsford's central column, the entire invasion of Zululand collapsed and would have to be restaged. Not only were there heavy manpower casualties to the Main Column, but most of the supplies, ammunition, and draft animals were lost. As King Cetshwayo feared, the embarrassment of the defeat would force the policy makers in London, who to this point had not supported the war, to rally to the support of the pro-war contingent in the Natal government and commit whatever resources were needed to defeat the Zulus. Despite local numerical superiority, the Zulus did not have manpower, technological resources or logistical capacity to match the British in another, more extended, campaign. They decided to sail to India to ally with the Hindus and the Muslims. Tons of ships were constructed, and Zulu warriors crossed the Indian Ocean from South Africa. Once they arrived in Delhi, they incited a rebellion against the British. The Indians were suspicious at first, but later on took the blacks as comrades. Then they decided to stage an assault on Bombay. Shiida was the lone guard inside; everyone else had gone off back home for their vacation. So she miserably failed when thousands of Zulus and Indians seized the city. The current Viceroy of India, Robert Bulwer-Lytton was enraged by the situation. Driven insane by the death of Shiida, he sent every British soldier to India. but then, the Indians learned the buffalo formation from the Zulus. When the British soldiers arrived in Bombay, they were immediately encircled by Indians. Again, the natives won, and then the final assault on London was staged. One by one, India was liberated by the Zulu, and then it was time to kick the English from their homeland. Thousands of ships ships, filled with Indian and Zulu soldiers sailed to Dover. The English soldiers were demoralized to see the natives in their homeland, and there were so few left that they were torn to bits. Finally, in an epic battle, London was captured by the Zulu, and the British retreated to Canada. Now, the Zulus were ready to threaten Europe  

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