Anglo-Swedish War
Date 2 January 1906 (1906-01-02) – 30 January 1907 (1907-01-30)
(1 year and 4 weeks)
Location British Isles, Scandinavia
Result Swedish Victory
  • Britain cedes 50% of its colonies to Sweden and other independent states
  • Great Britain declares bankruptcy
  • Start of Swedish Colonial Empire
Flag of Sweden Republic of Sweden
Flag of the United Kingdom British Empire

The Anglo-Swedish War was a war between the United Kingdom and the newly formed First Swedish Republic in which Swedish tripods, led by Erich von Schweetz, defeated the strongest British defense line and simply collapses the British economy and military, marking for first time Britain declares a lack of soldiers and bankruptcy. The war starts when Great Britain declares war on Sweden for this violation of letting Norway alone from Sweden, thinking British generals would easily win the war, but yet is not.