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The Anglo-Soviet War

The conclusion of the Great European War in the final stages fought between Britain, Germany, and Italy brought about sustained economic paucity, a dramatically reduced population, and intense rationing for many years to come in Great Britain. Both Britain and France, were both permanently scarred from the close conclusion of the war, in which Germany had made vast territorial advances in North Africa, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe. With the Conference of London, the two countries maintained their claim over much of the equally devastated Germany, Italy, and Eastern Europe, but in reality were unable to maintain control over these areas. The intensely isolationist policy of the United States and its refusal to intervene in the wars, as well as the sustained economic collapse, made it reluctant to lend aid for the reparation of the countries involved in the European War.

The Soviet Union would be the first country to immediately capitalise on the situation.

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