Anglo-Iroquoian Wars
Part of St. George's Night
Scottish and Iroquoian troops ambush Anglian troops during the Siege of Hochelaga.
Date 1650s, 1670s-80s
Location Columbia
Result Stalemate
  • Iroquois emerge as local power, independence confirmed
  • Both sides acquire the territory of numerous weaker tribes
  • Scottish-Iroquois alliance strengthened
Flag of the Iroquois Confederacy Iroquois
Flag of Scotland Scotland
Various allied tribes (Huron, Neutrals)
5000 8-10,000

The Anglo-Iriquoian Wars were a series of conflicts fought in the late 17th century between the Iroquois Confederacy, backed by Scotland under the Compact of Hoechelaga, and Anglia. The wars were caused by an effort to acquire dominance over numerous small tribes and hence access to fur resources in the interior. Although a stalemate in military terms, the war is generally seen as a strategic defeat for Anglia, which saw its colonies blocked from expansion up the St. Lawrence and was unable to prevent the Iroquois forcing numerous further tribes into its confederacy and breaking the power of Anglian-allied tribes.

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