Anglo-Irish War
Part of the Cold War
Date 11 September 1949 - 5 August 1952
Location British Isles and the English Channel
Result Irish coalition victory; Northern Northumberland transferred to Scottish sovereignty
Irish Defence Forces
  • Flag of Ireland Republic of Ireland
  • Northern Ireland Provisional Republic

Coalition Forces

  • Kingdom of Scotland (1951-52)
  • Breton Volunteer Forces (1950-52)
Flag of England Republic of England & Wales
Northern Irish rebels
Ireland: ~12,000
Scotland: ~7500
Bretons: ~1700
Flag of England: 19,443

Northern Irish: 3523

Casualties and losses
Irish: appx. 3200 KIA, 8400 WIA, ~200 MIA/POW
Scottish: 976 KIA, 2000 WIA, ~150 MIA/POW
Breton: 139 KIA, 321 WIA, 32 MIA/POW
Flag of England: appx. 5600 KIA, 10,000 WIA, 450 MIA/POW

Northern Irish: 476 KIA, 568 WIA, 80 MIA/POW

  The Anglo-Irish War was an armed conflict fought from 1949 to 1952 between the English Army and the Irish Army. 

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