The Anglo-Irish Agreement was signed by Denis Healey and Garrett Fitzgerald on 15th November, 1985 as a move to bringing an end to the Troubles. It was strongly campaigned against by the Conservative and Unionist Party, which won considerable support from the Ulster Unionists as a result. It led to considerably increased support for the Tory Party in Scotland,


The agreement created a role for the Republic in governing Northern Ireland and acknowledged that the constitutional status of the Province was in dispute because of the Irish constitutional claim that its territory included all of Ulster. It also made provision for some degree of home rule.


The provision for home rule in the Six Counties reduced Republican terrorist activity while increasing Unionist action, and also created a precedent for the creation of national parliaments elsewhere in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as forming the first step in the reunification of Ireland and the loss of Ulster to the United Kingdom in 1993.

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