Anglo-Dutch War

20 April 1792


12 February 1795


Dutch Cape Colony


British victory


Dutch Dutch Republic

  • Dutch Dutch Cape Colony

Flag of the United Kingdom Britannia

  • BlueEnsignNatal Natal

Dutch Laurens Pieter van de Spiegel
Dutch Abraham Josias Sluysken
Dutch Willem Aarnoud van Citters

Flag of the United Kingdom George Elphinstone
Flag of the United Kingdom James Craig
Flag of the United Kingdom Benedict Arnold




Casualties and Losses

5,150 killed
3,000 wounded
2,500 captured
23 warships lost

7,210 killed
7,000 wounded
2,000 captured
2 Ships Captured
29 warships lost

The Anglo-Dutch War was a British military expedition launched in 1792 against the Dutch Cape Colony at the Cape of Good Hope, the southern tip of Southern Africa. The Dutch colony at the Cape, established in the seventeenth century, was at the time the only viable South African port for ships making the journey from Europe to the European colonies in the East Indies. It therefore held vital strategic importance, although it was otherwise economically insignificant. The war was a revenge for Dutch support of the Americans during the Revolutionary War. The Dutch Republic supported the American cause by sending ships and guns to the colonist, helping defeat Britain in that war.

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