Anglo-Brazilian War





Northern Brazil, Caribbean, North Atlantic Ocean, Eastern African coast, Southern Africa, India

  • Peace of Geneva
    • End of the British-Brazilian hostility
    • Demarcation of the borders between the British India and the Brazilian Eastern Bengal (current Bangladesh)
    • Britain recognizes Brazilian sovereignty over the territory acquired in the Cisplatine War and the Great Latin American War
    • Brazil cedes Brazilian Malaya and Northern Borneo to Britain
    • Britain cedes British Guyana to Brazil
    • Britain and Brazil ally themselves to restrain Russian expansion on Central Asia
    • Brazil gives to Britain Victoria Base, in Natal, and Britain gives Brazil Raoni Castro Base, in Portsmouth.
  • Confirmation of Brazil as a Great Power

Brasilban Kingdom of the United Provinces of Brazil

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland


Brasilban Pedro I of Brazil
Brasilban Pedro II of Brazil
Brasilban Vinicius d'Anjou
Brasilban Lucas Vaz Dias

Flag of the United Kingdom Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland
Flag of the United Kingdom The Earl Russell
Flag of the United Kingdom The Earl of Aberdeen


Brasilban 231,000

Flag of the United Kingdom 236,000

Casualties and Losses

Total: 104,000

  • Military: 63,000 deaths
  • Civilian: 41,000 deaths

Total: 101,000
Flag of the United Kingdom

  • Military: 59,000 deaths
  • Civilian: 42,000 deaths

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