The Anglo-American split (1960–1989) was the worsening of political and ideological relations between the British Imperial Federation (BIF) and the United States of America (USA) during the Cold War. In the 1960s, Britain and the United States were the two largest capitalist/western states in the world. The doctrinal divergence derived from American and British national interests, and from the regimes’ respective interpretations of foreign and ideological policy: Capitalism and Imperialist Social–Darwinism.

Moreover, since 1956, Britain and the USA had progressively diverged about foreign policy, and, by 1961, when the doctrinal differences proved intractable, British Parliament formally denounced the US-led variety of international policies and isolationism as a product of "Fundamental Traitors", i.e., the Progressive Party of the United States, headed by Robert Taft.  

The divide fractured the international anti-Communist movement at the time and opened the way for the warming of relations between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1971. Relations between Britain and the United States remained tense well into the 1980s, and were not considered 'normalized' until the visit of British leader Margret Thatcher to Washington D.C. in 1989.

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