The Anglo-American War is the name used to identify the broad series of conflicts between the United States of America and the British Empire beginning in 1841.

Opening Hostilities

With the sudden outbreak of CVPE in the East Indies, the United States found itself in an unprecedented position of power. Most of the world's powers found themselves tied up with their assets in Southeast Asia fighting off hordes of the infected; with European armies and navies busy in Asia, American President John Tyler requested that Congress declare war on Great Britain in order to, "seize the grand opportunity that has been presented to us in the form of tragedy in the Orient, and take the territories [the Oregon Country] that are the birthright of these United States of America". On August 1, 1841, Congress voted unanimously to declare war on Great Britain.

Allies and Enemies

With the declaration of war against Great Britain, the United States found itself in desperate need of allies. On August 5. 1841, the United States signed the Treaty of Veracruz with the Mexican Republic, promising a slice of the Oregon Territory in return for assistance against the British. Russia approaches the United States as well, seeking to expand her North American colonies south. With the entrance of both the Russians and the Mexicans, what was planned as a small-scale war to seize Oregon has escalated to a nearly global conflict.

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