Welcome to Anglia The Great, an expansive timeline detailing the rise of a powerful, resilient Anglo-Saxon, rather than Norman, England.

Point of Divergence

The POD is set at 878 CE.

In our timeline, the island of Britain is split into several kingdoms, with Wessex being the most prominent country, followed by Mercia, East Anglia, and Northumbria. The latter two fell under Nordic-Danish influence by about 870. Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, was able to curb the Danish influence in 878, when he fought with and later signed a treaty with the Viking lord Guthrum. After 878, Danish influence in the region, today known as the Danelaw, was effectively crushed, with Wessex being able to expand greatly. In 925, the Kingdom of England was proclaimed.

But, in this timeline, no such things would happen. The primary point of divergence occurs in 878, when Alfred the Great dies of a broken neck after falling down a flight of stone steps. Guthrum is never pacified, and the Danelaw expands greatly in Britain, taking Mercia under its wing. Wessex now has a highly limited scope of options available to counter the Danish foe, and what occurs after 878 is the backbone for Anglia The Great.

Major Differences

  • The Danelaw expand greatly in Britain post-878.
  • Wessex expands into Wales earlier than OTL.
  • Ireland is settled earlier than OTL.
  • The Norman Invasion is not nearly as notable or climactic as it was in OTL.
  • Southern Britain remains pre-dominantly Anglo-Saxon in culture, with minimal Norman influence.
  • The English language is slightly different than OTL, due to the lack of French vocabulary influences after the Norman Invasion. However, due to extended Danish and Germanic influence, the English language is grammatically similar in nature and form to our OTL English language.




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