— Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Northern England
Anglian Flag
Flag of Anglia
Anglia II
Location of Anglia
(and largest city)
Eboracum (York)
Latin (Latina)
  others Anglisch (Lingua Anglicarum)

Celtic (Lingua Celticarum) Gaelic (Lingua Gaelicarum)

Roman Polytheism
  others Martyrdom of the Venedi
Ethnic groups
  others Caledoni, Hiberni and Britanni
Government Provincial Republic
  legislature Governor of Anglia

Senate of Anglia

Area 15850 km2
Established 1213(460 AD)

The Foundation of the Province of Anglia

After the conquest of the North by Emperor Jacobus there were native peoples all around the north who would not relent to being ruled by the military Governors placed in power by the Emperor. The first of these was the Cimbri people in the Province of Scandinavia. Once they had control of that province the Cimbri moved the other tribed of the Jutland peninsula out of that area. These tribes, mainly the Saxons and the Angli, went ot different provinces of the Empire. The Angli were invited to the city of Eboracum (York) in Britannia and there they began to form a new community. Around the time of the Second War for the North the Angli were fighting the Britannians in order to gain their independence and to become a separate Province of Rome. After a deal was struck to grant the Angli their independence, though with less territory than they actually wanted. The Angli moved in to fight the Cimbrians in the North and after the end of that War the Anglians had their Independent.

Governors of Anglia

Sextus Herminius Nicasius 1213-1221 (460-468 AD)

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