Angevin Empire
Angevin Empire
Timeline: The High King
Angevinflag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Angevin French
  others Middle English
Emperor Emperor Richard I
Area area km²
Currency Pound sterling

The Angevin Empire in 1215, after the Byzantium Treaty.

The Angevin Empire was a state first established by Henry II of England. Under Henry's rule, the kingdom consisted of English, Anjou, and Normandy. His son Richard fought the king of France, Phillip II, and established the Angevin Empire as one kingdom free of paying homage to the French crown.


The Angevin Empire in 1172. By 1774, it loses most of its Irish territory.


The Angevin Empire in 1187, after Richard I's victory in France.

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