Angelo Entori
Timeline: Principia Moderni

Crown Prince of Naples
1634 – 1665

Predecessor Benvolio Entori
Successor Carlo Entori

King of Naples
1665 – 1691

Predecessor Benvolio Entori
Born May 3, 1632
Naples, Naples
Wife Luigia Entori
Profession Nobleman
Angelo Entori is the King of Naples, the son of King Benvolio II and grandson of King Romeo. During to his father's old age, he half-ran the nation during Benvolio's last years. After his father died in 1665, Angelo was crowned King of Naples. He reigned until his assassination by an Islamist in 1691.

Personal Life

Angelo was born in Naples to Benvolio and Maria Entori in 1632 during the third-to-last year of his grandfather's reign. He was the first member of the Entori family born in the city of Naples and not Caligari Sicily. His younger sister Joan was born two years after him, and they are the only two surviving children of Benvolio II. Angelo married Luigia Arbora in 1555, and currently has one son who has lived past infancy named Carlo.