Angelo Walter Pastore
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United States Senator from Connecticut
Assumed office
10th January 1979
President James Earl Carter, Jr.
Preceded by Lowell Weicker
Serving with Abraham A. Ribicoff (D)
Personal details
Born Angelo Walter Pastore
1st March 1945
Milford, Connecticut, U.S.
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Maria Pastore (m. 1970)
Children Vittorio Pastore
Giuseppe Pastore
Francesca Pastore
Residence New Haven, Connecticut
Alma mater Yale University
Profession Professor at Yale
Religion Roman Catholic
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Angelo Walter Pastore, simply know as Angelo Pastore or even Angelo W. Pastore, is a Professor of History at Yale University, and currently Senator for the state of Connecticut.

Early Life and Education

Angelo is the second son of Giuliana Pastore, born in Reggio di Calabria, Italy and her husband Mario Pastore, born in Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy. His mother and father attended the same college at Rome, marrying after 5 years of relationship. After the rise of Fascism, both Mario and Giuliana agreed to emigrate to the United States, with their newly-born son, Alberto Pastore. They choose Connecticut, since they believed it to be a nice region, close to the New York metropolis. They settled at Milford, a quiet town close to the major cities. After arriving, Giuliana gave birth to a daughter, Paula Pastore, and started studing English. Mario, already an english speaker himself, used his savings to start a local business, a coffee shop with a bookstore at New Haven. Both Alberto and Paula helped their father in the business, while attending school regularly. After some years, Angelo was born, this time in a well established home, since Mario was having a regular income and Giuliana managed to become a local kindergarten teacher.

Angelo, although not required to help his father, took interests in some of the books in his store, specially the historical ones. He was friendly with all the clients and made long speeches, wishing to improve the condition of the local citizens, and getting known around the region. He graduated at the local High School at Milford, with excelent grades and receiving compliments from all of his teachers. Angelo got accepted in Yale University, for a History major, getting the chance to fullfill his dream, since his older brother and sister decided to keep their father shop.

At the University, Angelo achieved grades even better than at High school. His professors were impressed by his ability and  eventually, when he graduated, Angelo was accepted for a Doctorate program, and received his PhD soon after. He was one of the youngest to achieve the PhD and also was admitted as a Professor at the University.

Political Activism

Angelo, as a famous icon of Milford and well cared by his relatives and neighbours, always wished to become a politician. He considered to join either the Democratic or the Republican parties, and was approached by the local leaders of both parties. He eventually decided to join the Republican Party, due to his mostly center-right views. After joining the Party, he decided not to run for any local position, since he wanted to remain a full time professor. Also, he considered local Republican Party to not need his help, and been able to support itself.

Considered one of the most moderate Party members, it was no surprise that, when Lowell Weicker resigned his Senator postion, the Democratic governor appointed Angelo as Senator. Despite his initial opposition to the idea, his family and friends eventually convinced him to assume the chair and do the best for his state. Angelo stated he would only accept the position if the local executive of the party approved. Since assuring his commitments to the Republican ideals at a speech before the vote, the local executive approved and he became a Senator some days after. 

Personal Life

Angelo married Maria Monti in 1970, a daugther of italian father and mother also born in the United States, with her being the responsible for the Monti Bakery, at New Haven. That bakery was where Angelo made his breakfast in the way to Yale. From this marriage, three children have been born:

  • Vittorio Pastore, born in 1972
  • Giuseppe Pastore, born in 1974
  • Francesca Pastore, born in 1975