Byzantine-Seljuk War of 1185CE-1188CE


Byzantine-Seljuk War of 1193CE-1198CE

Andronikos I's Revolt

1st of June 1189CE


27th of August 1193CE




Isaac II reclaims Cyprus for the Byzantine Empire

Major battles:

Siege of Antioch, Siege of Phaphos


The Byzantine Empire

Seljuk Mercenaries

The Kingdom of Cyprus


Isaac II Komnenos (Angelos)

Alexios III Komnenos

Romanos "The Reckless" Kantakouzenos

Constans Doukas

Andronikos I

Leo of Antioch




Casualties and Losses



Andronikos I's revolt was a revolt against both Alexios II and Isaac II however this war involves the war between Isaac II and Andronikos I

The war

With Isaac II being crowned as emperor, his first challenge came from Andronikos I.

Andronikos had set himself up as King of Cyprus and had a more legal claim to the throne than Isaac II despite being proclaimed heir by Alexios II himself. With Andronikos I revolting against him, it gave him the perfect chance to eliminate his rival without attracting support for Andronikos I.

The majority of the war was capturing key towns throughout the territories of both the Byzantine Empire and Cyprus.

Most of these battles were won by Isaac because he had more men to garrison his castles without sacrificing the majority of his forces. Andronikos on the other hand had to garrison all his castles with approximately 23,000 which made up all of his men. Isaac II finally claimed victory on the 26th of August 1193 CE when Phaphos, the last of Andronikos I's strongholds was captured and Andronikos was executed.

Leo of Antioch was spared however he went into exile the next day, which the last remnants of Andronikos' army was destroyed.

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