Andrey Andreyevich Andropov (August 8-9, 1852 - December 9, 1924) was an Alaskan cavalry officer best known for serving as the Chief Officer of the Cavalry for the Army of the East from 1885 until the end of the war. Of noble background, Andropov was promoted initially against Andrey Zukhov's wishes due to his youth, but proved himself a valuable coordinator of the various cavalry divisions in the Dakotas and was integral to feints and shifts that fooled American soldiers into where Alaskan positions were during the move into the United States. He was commended for his bravery at Omaha, where he was wounded, forcing him to lose a leg and withdrawing him from the field. Andropov continued his coordinating role, however, and was made a Chief of Staff to Zukhov after the war. He retired upon Ivan Buchenko's ascension to the Grand Marshalship and lived out his retirement in Kialgory, which he fell in love with during the war and made efforts to help rebuild in the 1890s and early 1900s.

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