Andrew Windsor
Head of the British Monarchy ,
Head of the Commonwealth,
Defender of the Faith
In office:
Preceded by: Elizabeth II
Succeded by: - -
Born: 19 February 1960
Profession: Pilot
Religion: Britannic Christian

Personal flag of King Andrew

Andrew Albert Christian Edward Windsor is the head of the British monarchy and consequently the head of state of a number of nations around the world. Alongside the Pope, he is arguably the world's most famous and well-traveled monarch.

Then-Prince Andrew was serving on the Royal Navy carrier HMS Invincible at the time of the nuclear attacks of September 26, 1983. He had seen combat during the Falklands War as a helicopter co-pilot. Invincible joined other navy ships in helping to create a stopgap "lifeboat" for England on the Isle of Wight in the following months. There he was crowned in 1984 following confirmation of the death of his mother Elizabeth. Andrew was one of the key leaders behind a plan to evacuate huge numbers of Britons to South Africa, resulting in the creation of New Britain.

In the 2000s, the Commonwealth of British Nations was revived, and it naturally named Andrew as its Head. In 2005, an expedition from Victoria visited New Britain, confirming their country's loyalty to the monarchy and to him. Andrew visited Victoria, along with Fiji, another country that recognizes his rule, in 2010. In 2011 the Territorial Council of Yukon voted to acknowledge him as king, as well.

On another 2010 tour, Andrew visited England and Scotland, reigniting questions there over whether to restore the monarchy.


Andrew giving a speech in Port Elizabeth.

King Andrew continues to reside in Port Elizabeth, New Britain. His sister Anne is Queen Mother of the Kingdom of Cleveland. Besides his political role, Andrew is also the titular head of the Brittanic Church, New Britain's state church. Certain dioceses in England also recognize him as Supreme Governor of what's left of the Church of England.

Known realms:

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