Andrew Peacock
Andrew Peacock
President of Australia
In office:

January 26, 1994 - January 26, 1999

Preceded by:

Bill Hayden

Succeeded by:


Prime Minister of Australia
In office:

1983 - 1984

Preceded by: Malcolm Fraser
Succeeded by: Bob Hawke
Foreign Minister of Australia
In office:

1975 - 1981

Preceded by: Don Willesee
Succeeded by: Tony Street

February 13 1939, Melbourne, Victoria

Died -
Nationality: Australian
Political party:




Children: 3
Alma mater:

University of Melbourne

Occupation: Politician
Religion: Non denominational Christian

Andrew Peacock is an Australian politician who served briefly as Prime Minister (1983 - 1984). He later served as leader of the National Party in opposition before serving as President of Australia (1994 - 1999).

He served as Army Minister under William McMahon, and when the Nationals went into oppsition in 1972 became a leading member of the frontbench team.

When Malcolm Fraser became Prime Minister following the 1975 constitutional crisis, Peacock became Foreign Minister. In 1983 he challenged Fraser for the party leadership, winning by a single vote.

His brief government was ravaged by infighting, and his leadership being undermined by his treasurer John Howard. The National Party was defeated in a landslide at the 1984 federal election, however Peacock remained leader of the Nationals in opposition until he was ousted by Howard in 1985.

He served as Foregin Minister again during the first 3 years of the Howard government, before resigning to become the National party's presidential nominee.

Early Life

Early Political Career

Prime Minister 1983 - 1984

Opposition and later career 1984 - 1994

President 1994 - 1999

Later Life

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