Andrew Jackson
Timeline: Andrew Jackson Assassinated

Andrew Jackson
Portrait of Andrew Jackson

Born March 15, 1767
Waxhaws, North Carolina
Died January 30, 1835
Washington, D.C.
Spouse Rachel Robards Jackson
Political Party Democratic
Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States of America. He was also the first president to be assassinated.


Andrew Jackson was born in the Carolinian frontier on March 15th, 1767 to a dead father and struggling mother. As a teenager, he joined a revolutionary militia and was captured by the British. After his release, he dabbled in politics and the Army, his most notable exploits being the victory at New Orleans in 1815 and his election to the governorship of Tennessee. In 1826 he lost the presidential election to John Quincy Adams, became furious, and launched an even more aggressive campaign in 1829, earning him the presidency. His controversial actions against Native Americans and consolidation of the power of the president left him with the mixed feelings of the people, and would ultimately be assassinated in 1835 by a "mentally deranged house-painter" named Richard Lawrence.