Andrew Jackson (b. March 15, 1767) was the leader of the New Orleans Legion of the American army during the War of 1812. He fought off the British in the Battle of New Orleans after the war. But then, he started massacring American Indians without authorization. This made him popular enough, that he eventually would get elected President. On March 4, 1829, Jackson was inaugurated as the 7th President of the United States, succeeding Nathanial Washington. Although Jackson was a democrat who thought of himself as one of the people, he didn't really do things well.

He spoiled his own friends and voters by giving them government jobs. Also, when the Supreme Court sided with the Indians who suffered during and before Jackson's presidency, he ignored the court and gave the Indians' territory to others who wanted their land, while also sending the Indians away west. He withdrew federal funds and nearly destroyed the National Bank. Also, Jackson and his supporters mostly used the bank to support rich white's, whereas they didn't give a hoot about the working ones. Jackson claimed Congress didn't have the power to start a bank, but he had no power to decide that and he still did it. The Whigs Political Party saw Jackson as a tyrant, calling him 'King Andrew the 1st'.

Andrew even chose not to support the production of goods in South Carolina and threatened them for not cooperating. But, perhaps the worst of all, Jackson passed a 'Force Act', allowing him to use the army and navy to collect taxes, this truly made him resemble a monarch like King George. Jackson's presidency ended in 1837 and was succeeded by Henry Clay. Eventually, Andrew Jackson, America's most well-known tyrant, died on June 8, 1845.

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