Andrew David McCarty (15 April 1905 - 29 January 1994) was an American politician and attorney most notable as the Democratic nominee for President in the 1968 election and as a United States Senator for Arkansas from 1938 until 1979, the longest serving Senator in the state's history. Known as the "Champion of the South," he was an icon of small-government, socially moderate Southerners in the 1960's and 1970's. A strong opponent of the United States nuclearization and militarization during the 1960's, McCarty later became a proponent of unilateralism in the 1970's and by the end of his term was described by many within his own party as "the South's first liberal." He tried unsuccessfully to run for President three times - 1964, 1968 and 1976 - and was one of the dominant figures within his party for decades. He served as both the Senate Majority and Minority Leader in the 1960s, in the Minority from 1961-1963 and the head of the Senate Majority from 1963-1968, when he resigned his position in the caucus to focus on his Presidential campaign.

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