Andrew Brantle

Andrew Brantle
Portrait of Andrew Brantle

4th Prime Minister of the English Republic
May 4th, 1981-May 6th, 1984

Predecessor Eustace Minor
Successor Stephen Norrington

Leader of Labour Party

Predecessor James Boren
Successor John Oliver

Leader of the Opposition
1978-1981 (against Eustace Minor)
1984 (against Stephen Norrington)

Predecessor James Boren

Stephen Norrington

Successor Eustance Minor

John Oliver

Member of Parliament, Oxfordshire

Successor John Talbot
Born July 3, 1920
Died August 4, 2001
Spouse Camille Brantle
Political Party Labour Party
Profession Lawyer

Andrew Fitzhugh Brantle (July 3, 1920-August 4, 2001) was an English Labour politician and leader, who served as the fourth Prime Minister of England from 1981-1984. He succeeded Eustace Minor in a Labour landslide largely due to the effects of the 1979-83 global recession and the fatigue of the English populace with Whig policies. However, he was largely unable to combat the effects of the recession, and unemployment in fact increased during his tenure. He also struggled with unilateralists within his own party, who accused him of being a patsy for the American government, and he was uncomfortable in diplomatic situations. Two major defense scandals broke out during his term and he infamously endured a five-month strike by public employees in several counties. He lost to Stephen Norrington and the Whigs in the 1984 general election and retired from politics soon afterwards.