History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

Nations to speak of

Satavahana Empire
Andrara Empire
Timeline: History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian (Ætas ab Brian)
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Government Monarchy
title of chief of government name of chief of government
Established ~523(-230)

Ended: 18thC?(991?)

The Andrara(or Satakani) Empire began as a splinter state from the Mauryan Empire in the mid 6th century in Telangana region of central India. Militarily and commercially powerful, they established small colonies in southeast Asia, were the first in India to emboss their coins with rulers’ heads, and served as a trade conduit between north and south India.

In the 760s-70s the Andrara had to deal with Ariaca invasions from the north, caused by Asian migrations. These raids were repulsed, but the Ariaca under Nahapana organised and led an offensive resulting in the loss of considerable western territories in 809-820(56-67).

The Andrara began to decline in power until Gautamiputra Satakarni rose to the throne in 831(78) and defeated a number of invasions by the Ariaca and other east Indian kingdoms. Called the Andrara’s Greatest King, from 833-855(80-102) he led an expansion south, encompassing nearly all of the subcontinent therein.

In 878(125) Satakarni drove the Ariaca from Malwa and Western Maharashtra.

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