Andrés Pastrana Arango
Timeline: Napoleon's World

Pastrana Arango in 2000

33rd President of Colombia
6 August 1998 – 6 August 2002

Predecessor Felipe Ramón Hernández
Successor Álvaro Uribe

Minister of Justice
August 6, 1994-August 6, 1998

Predecessor Nicolás Belefontes
Successor Tomás Bondejas Córtez

Chief Prosecutor for Bogotá Capital District
July 14, 1991 - July 31, 1994

Predecessor Enrique Malenquez
Successor Tomás Bondejas Córtez
Born August 17, 1954
Bogotá, Dist. Cap. Bogotá, Est. Cundinamarca, Colombia
Spouse Nohra Puyana Bickenbach
Political Party Republican Party
Religion Catholic
Profession Lawyer

Andrés Pastrana Arango (born 17 August 1954) was the President of Colombia from 1998 to 2002 as a member of the Republican Party. As a former President, he currently sits in the Senate of Colombia as Senator-for-life. His term is best known for the internationally embarrassing over-budget and behind-schedule preparations for the 2002 Summer Olympics, which were held shortly after his term ended. He was defeated in the 2002 Presidential election by the Social candidate Álvaro Uribe, breaking the nineteen-year hold of the PR on the Palacio Bolivariano. His reign was marred by corruption scandals involving state-level party officials with close ties to the Presidency and the 2000-2001 Colombian recession, the first such recession since the late 1980's. Pastrana is often blamed for the fall of the Republicans after two decades in power and is typically rated low in historical rankings of Colombian Presidents.

Prior to the Presidency, Pastrana was Chief Prosecutor for the Bogotá Capital District and Minister of Justice during President Felipe Hernández's second term.

Pastrana is the son of four-time Republican Party Presidential candidate Misael Pastrana, who was the longtime Republican Mayor of Bogotá and later Party Chairman, and who died in 1997 without living to see his son attain the political office he had sought.