OTL Upper New York State, Anderland was named after the Danish discoverer Anders Christensen who explored the Hudson valley in 1460. (1471, he discovered the mouth of St Lawrence river, but was killed a bit later by Atlanteans, so his expedition decided to return.) The Danish colonies of Prince-Harald-Island, Anderland and along St Lawrence river soon formed a belt around English colonies. This was unacceptable for England, so they made the anti-Danish War together with the Dutch 1509-12, after some clashes with Danish colonists had happened in Atlantis. In the peace of Hamburg, Denmark lost Anderland to the Quadruple Monarchy and the Netherlands.

After the end of the Great Occidental War in 1547, the Quadruple Monarchy ceded western Anderland back to France's ally Denmark in the peace of Barcelona.

1630-35, France and Denmark-Braunschweig fought the Netherlands in the Anti-Dutch War. 1632, Denmark-Braunschweig defeated the Dutch in Atlantis in the battle of Nieuw Brugge (OTL Easton, PA - later renamed Neubrück). In the peace of Bremen, the Dutch chose to keep their Caribbean colonies, gave Nieuw Nederland (incl. Anderland) to Denmark-Braunschweig instead. As the Dutch said, now their Silver Age had also ended. In 1642, the colonies of Denmark-Braunschweig (Martinsburg, Waldstätten, Nieuw-Nederland, Haraldsborg and Anderland) were united under a common administration. Given enough time, more and more Germans came to the country, gradually making the place a German-speaking one. English, Danish and Dutch influences still can be found today all over the place.

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