Andean Civil War
Date 1864-18XX
Status Ongoing
  • Andea
    • Apeac
    • Osean Confederaton
    • Vorlayacor Loyalists
  • Mapuche Nationalist Confederation
  • Mataco Raiders
  • Andea:250,000
  • Apeac: 20,000
  • Osea:50,000

Total:320,000 (As of 1864)

  • Mapuche Nationalist Front: 100,000


  • Mataco Raiders:7000


Casualties and losses
As of 1865
  • Andea:80,000
  • Apeac: 5,000
  • Osea:20,000


  • Mapuche Nationalist Front: 52,000


  • Mataco Raiders:399


List of Major Battles
Green denotes a victory for the Mapuche Nationalist Front

Blue denotes a victory for the Andean Lead Forces

Yellow denotes a victory for the Mataco Raiders

  • Seizing of Fort St. Antonio
  • Battle of Acosta Manor
  • Battle of Buenos Dias
  • Battle at the Uruguay River
  • Battle of Nov Xoyran

The Andean Civil War was fought primarily between the Andean Led "Coalition of Hesperia" and the Mapuche Nationalist Front. Fought between 1864 and 187X, it was the longest war in Andean History. It was also the bloodiest. More Andeans died in The Civil War than the Quechua-Nazca War, the Horse War, the Peruvian War, The War of the Grand Coalition, The Andean Intervention in the Brazilian Revolution, and the Andean intervention in Osean Civil War combined.



The Strategies employed by the various factions where all vastly different. The Andean Strategy was to overwhelm their opponents with shear numbers in a war of attrition. While this proved effective in many minor skirmishes, The strategy used by the Mapuche Nationalist Front prevented this from being effective in many of the major battles in the first years of the war. The Mapuche Nationalist Front focused on winning battles in Strategic locations, such rivers, cities, and large towns and farms as opposed to fighting a war in every village.The Battle on the Uruguay River is a perfect example of this. The Mouth of the River, defended by a few thousand men and the Andean Navy, was a heavily fortified. The Mapuche Forces, rather than attack right away, waited until they had almost 3:1 Numerical superiority before attacking. This Strategy however, failed to stop the Andeans from taking Nov Xoyran, the largest city in Vorylayocor. This strategy also limits the amount of men the MNF had to attack and defend the small villages that dotted the Vorylayocoran country side.