"And the young Jesus watched the shores of Albion disappear and I saw him weep, for the wicked of Albion were unrepentent in the face of the son of God. So did I answer to his calls to bury his flesh and blood in Albion after his passing, for it is told that a king of the wicked will find it and become a king of the faithful."

Druids 16:28

Legend has it that a younger Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea visited the town in England now called Glastonbury. According to this tale, Joseph was to bring the holy grail to Britannia, where it was sought for by King Arthur and his knights centuries later. Such legends are described in the poem by William Blake in 1808. What if Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea had visited Britain? What effect would the spread of Christianity have on the populace? How would their travels have changed Christianity?


Druidic Christianity



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