• Most of the former Russian Empire (to see Central Asia, Persia and Turkey see next page)
  • Former Central Asia, Turkey, and Persia
This timeline tells a story in which Karl Marx's Mother dies before he is born and Friedrich Engels die prematurely, both because of a strange flu in Prussia, this causes communism not to be created, and Lenin creates an ideology in which every ethnic group should have a country, causing that with the Russian Revolution, the Russian Empire broke into pieces between 1917 and 1922. Persia and Turkey taking advantage of the chaos in 1920, try to take over land of the Caucasus and Central Asia but only gain break into pieces like Russia.

Later after WWII, without the Soviet Union, Germany is divided in various countries by the allies, and the Cold War begins, but between the USA and the UK, finally bringing the collapse of the United Kingdom and puppets (Commonwealth), the Indian War (OTL Yugoslav War but in India), The union of the former commonwealths in the Caribbean as a sole country, and the peaceful separation of Malaysia in 1991 ...

Communism is created in the 1950s in Africa (kind of different of the OTL one, like free of religion in TTL), and by today, almost all West Africa is communist.

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