Anbasa ibn Suhaym al-Kalbi
Timeline: Umayyad World

7th Governor of al-Andalus
721 – 721

Predecessor Abdul al-Ghafiqi
Successor Position dissolved

1st Emir of Al-Andalus
722 – 726

Predecessor Position established
Successor Ayyub II al-Lakhmi
Born 679
Kairouan, Maghreb
Died 726
Autun, Kingdom of Burgundy
Religion Sunni Islam
Anbasa ibn Suhaym al-Kalbi was the last governor of the province of Al-Andalus as part of the Umayyad Caliphate in 721, and the first emir of the Emirate of Al-Andalus. His policies increased anti-Muslim sentiments during his reign as governor due to sharp increases in taxation of non-Muslims and non-Arabs. However, once his territory became independent of the caliphate and he became emir in 722, he relaxed these policies and increased religious freedom, but the jizya remained in effect.