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Anatoliy Arkadeyevich Krasnov (14 November 1842 - 12 November 1884) was an Alaskan cavalry officer known for his service in fighting in both conflicts with Indians in the mid-1870's and in the early stages of the Alaskan War. Called the "Mad Dog" for his fearless charges into enemy units, he was renowned for his bravery and skill at Cold Creek and Novominsk, and was put in charge of the entire Army of the East's cavalry during the defensive maneuvers at Evgenigrad. He was killed by an artillery bombardment on the 12th of November while engaging American infantry beyond the safety of the trenches, two days before his 42nd birthday. For his bravery and service in the East, the city of Krasnov was named after him at its founding in 1890.

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