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Anastasia I of Russia (Celestial Ascendance)

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Анастасия Великая
Anastasia the Great
Tsarina of All Slavs
Tsarina of Russia
Queen of The Ukraine, of Perm, of Lituania, of Poland

Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Anastasia I "the Great" of Russia
Portrait of Анастасия Великая

Tsarina of All Slavs
Tsarina of Russia
Queen of The Ukraine
Queen of Perm
Queen of Lithuania
Queen of Poland

1390 – 1451

Predecessor: Title created
Successor: Yuri I
Born: 8 May 1369
Moscow, Norse Empire
Died: 1456 (aged 87)
Full name: Anastasia Yur'yevna Khrabraya Aleksandrova
House: Alexandrov
Father: Yuri
Issue: Sophia
Religion: Slavism
Anastasia I "the Great" (Slavic: Анастасия I Великая России) was a Russian noblewoman and the founding Tsarina of the Empire of Slavia.

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