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Anarchy is an alternate history that I, jontiben, am working on. Its point of divergence I am still figuring out. However, the entire world will have been plunged into chaos, with wars raging and oppressive regimes taking over left and right.

My ideas:

PoD: Variant of the Black Plague striking 1704

Scotland refuses to join England. Scotland refuses because the disease hits England (probably a variant on the black plague, hits England 1706), and wreaks havoc, killing more than one-fifth of the population, making England extremely unstable. Scotland closes its borders, and manages to ride out the disease, with only isolated outbreaks that are quickly quarantined. By 1714 the outbreak has run its course, but effected much of Europe and made Scotland much more powerful then England. Seizing its chance, it quickly takes over. The king of England creates a government in exile in Wales, which he manages to defend until Scotland signs a peace treaty in 1717. Now with England gone, Scotland launches a fleet to try and capture England's overseas possessions as well (most of which have declared independence from Wales), but they are soundly defeated and sent packing. This would have worldwide effects, as all of England's former colonies are now independent except without the benefit of pre-drawn borders, and economic support from England. Most of them plunge into chaos, dragging the surrounding nations reluctantly into their civil wars. This, combined with the disease, destroys the infrastructure and economy of most of the world.

Sound good?

Other information that I've decided on is:

  • Ireland is an odd blend of fascism-communism
  • Northern Ireland is a massive battleground between their ally of Scotland-Shetland, and a continuous Irish invasion supported by Wales.
  • France is in perpetual warfare, as Louis XIV, the Sun King, and all of his direct heirs were killed by the plague. France quickly collapses into its pre-hundred years war morass of conflicting duchies and petty wannabe successor-led bands of brigands.
  • The Holy Roman Empire dissolves, as most of Northern Italy, Bavaria, Burgundy, Flanders, Hesse, and Holstein declare independence, and unite to conquer the remaining HRE.

Current pages:

Scotland (unfinished)

Eire (unfinished)

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