Anakin Skylighter
Timeline: Great Empires

Portrait of Anakin Skylighter

Leader of the Sendi Order
100,000 BBC – 99,900 BBC

Predecessor Office created
Successor Lana Satvana
Co-Leader Aurelie Ancora
Born 100,025 BBC
Died 99,900 BBC (aged 125)
Spouse Aurelie Ancora
House Skylighter-Ancora family
Father Unknown
Mother Elana Skylighter
Issue Liana Ancora-Skylighter
Religion The Force
 Anakin Skylighter was the famous, legendary founder of the Sendi Order, with Aurelie Ancora. Together they were called "The Chosen Ones" and it was foretold they would bring balance to the universe, which they did, by bringing hundreds of planets together under the Sendi Order's leadership.