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Anachronox is an awarding RPG series.



The story begins on Anachronox, a city planet located near the center of the interstellar Sender wormhole network.  A down on his luck dective named Sly Boots is desperately looking for work so he can pay off his debt to a local mafia kingpin named Detta.  Boots and his robot assistant Pal 18 accepts a job from a historian name Grumpos.  Boots is also assisted by Fatima his secretary who has become quite bitter after suffering a car crash and being digitized into Boot’s PDA to preserve her personality.  Grumpos believes that ancient alien relics called mystec hold dormant magical power.  Thus, Grumpos wants Boots to find a piece of mystec so he can perform an experiment in an attempt to awaken the power of mystec.  Boots and Grumpos find a piece of mystec but it was stolen by Detta.  Grumpos then decides to go to the planet Sunder to consult leading mystec specialist Dr. Rho Bowman.  Grumpos hires Boots to come along as a body guard.  Shortly after meeting Rho, her equipment reveals that Sunder is about to be destroyed. Mystec is active in the process of Sunder’s destruction.  Boots and company are able to escape Sunder in the nick of time.  According to Rho, Sunder was obliterated by an injection of matter from the universe that existed before the big bang.  Rho believes that if enough pre-big-bang universe matter is flung into the present universe, it would save the old universe but destroy the current universe.  Boots’s gang intends to go to Sender Station, a large spaceport orbing Anachronox.  However, due to the local worm hole generator malfunctioning, Boots’s crew are set adrift in space.  They eventually land on Democratus, a planet run by a highly dysfunctional bureaucracy, whose people have learned how to shrink the planet and turn it into a spaceship.  After going through a bunch of red tape to get an audience with the High Council of Democratus, Boots and company learn that the Democratus is under attack by a race of militant insects.  Since the High Council cannot make up its mind about how to handle the insects, Boots’s gang ends up having to save the day.  After reaching Sender Station they bump into Democratus.  The High Council decided to shrink the planet and join Boots’s team, in the belief that they would severe as good body guards in case they were invaded again.  Boots’s crew are also joined by Boots’s ex-partner Sara aka Stiletto.  Fatima, despite being angry with Boots for the accident that destroyed her body, she has a crush on him and is jealous of Stiletto who she sees as a rival for Boots.  After Stiletto joins Boots’s gang, they head to the planet Hephaestus to consult a religious leader known as the Grand Mysterium.  The Grand Mysterium reveals that the destruction of Sunder was the result of a godlike entity of chaos’s attempt to escape to the previous universe.  The chaos entity was trapped in this universe by a godlike entity of order.  The chaos entity plans to escape to pervious universe and prevent it from being destroyed, thus nullifying the existence of all future universes and destroying the entity of order.  The Grand Mysterium tells Boots’s crew to head to the planet of Limbus.  On route to Limbus they are kidnaped by a space pirate.  After being defeated by the pirate, Boots and company are put in the pirate’s brig with a bunch of mutants who used to work as superheroes before the comic company that chronicled their adventures went out of business.  Boots tried to convience the strongest of the former heroes, Paco aka the Fist to help them escape.  However, after his comic was cancelled, Paco lost the will to fight and became a drunk.  Shortly after the attempt to enlist the help of Paco fails, someone opens an airlock.  The inmates of the brig would have died if the High Council of Democratus hadn’t quickly reached the decision to enlarge their planet.  Boots lands near the village of Whitenton where he has an adventure stopping a snow beast from kidnapping children.  The rest of Boots’s gang ends up having adventures in other parts of Democratus, before they meet up with each other in Democratus’s capital city Votetown.  Paco also has an adventure on Democratus, where he regains the will to fight and overcome his alcoholism.  Paco then joins Boots’s team.  After, their adventures on Democratus, Boots and Company finally reach the planet Limbus.  Once there they are attacked by a fleet of strange ships that appear out of a portal.  Boots’s team escapes from the ships and wander around limbus until they reach an underground city called Sesostris.  Boots and company are nearly executed by the people of Sesostris, but Boots is able to prove that they allies.  Boot’s team then play an important role in saving Sesostris from the ship that came out of the portal.  After the city is safe, the King of Sesostris, reveals to Boots that the entity of Chaos is not a single demon but a godlike race of evil beings called the Chatagra.  The King also says that ships that attacked Sesostris belong to a Chatagra worshiping cult called the Dark Servants.  The Dark Servants have found a way into the previous universe but are as of yet unable to bring their masters there.  The King of Sesostris tells Boots that the only way the Chatagra can escape to the pervious universe is by activating a portal which turns out to be located on Anachronox.  The King of Sesostris also tells Boots’s gang to contact an agent of Sesostris who has been searching for the key to the portal.  The agent of Sesostris turns out to be Rowdy the owner of Boots’s favorite bar.  After consulting Rowdy, Boots learns that the piece of mystec stolen by Detta was the portal key.  So, Boots and his crew infiltrate Detta’s fortress to retrieve the key.  After gaining the key to the portal, Boots plans on destroying it, but Grumpos reveals himself to a Dark Servant and actives the portal.  The game ends with Boots’s and his team chasing the Chatagra into the pervious universe.

Anachronox Prime


As soon as Boots and company reach the previous universe, they are pulled over by a sleazy space cop named Jord for piloting a ship with a burnt out tail light.  To make matters they are forced to pay a fine and spend a day in jail on the plant of Xachranoo (Boots soon learns that Xachranoo is the same world as Anachronox).  The planet survived the destruction of the old universe because it floated within a giant sphere that had properties designed to shield it from the big crush).  Due to the Canadian Dollar not being in Jord’s regional currency database, he makes up a fictitious Canadian to Universal Dollar exchange rate and takes all of Boots money.  To top things off Boot’s ship’s energy crystals dies out 5 feet above the surface of Xachranoo, forcing the ship to make a crash landing.  After being released from jail, Boots and the gang have to locate the missing child of an mechanic to get their ship repaired  They also have to win a rare trading card for a merchant in exchange for a power crystal and they have to fake Boots’ credentials to get him into a crash course on piloting.  During their stay on Xachranoo, Boots’ crew learns that in the old universe, the Dark Servants are a powerful organization that are trying to pass off the chartgra as benevolent saviors of the universe.  Most of the Universal Council is leery of the servants, but a few powerful politicians are in the servants’ pocket.  Despite the fact that Boots passed his pilots’ test with flying colors, he will not receive his license for 100 years due to bureaucratic red tape.  Fortunately Boots befriends Captain John T  Irk.  Irk was the former captain of a ship that was sent on missions to seek out worlds whose people have just reach standard criteria for being an advance civilization and to ask them join the Universal Federal Union(UFU).  He was fired when the Universal Council decided that no underdeveloped worlds would advance enough before the Big Crush would destroy them.  Irk, used  to love exploring uncharted worlds and was sad whe  he was fired.  He has been trying to fill the void by taking obnoxious vacationers on tours of the known universe but it just isn’t the same.  Irk also has been trying to fill the void by talking people’s ears off with tales of his past adventures. Unlike most people of the old universe, Irk believes that Boots is from the next universe.  So he  joins the team in hopes they will take him to the future universe so he can explore uncharted space again.  After, Irk joined the team, Boots and company plan to infiltrate the servants’ headquarters on the city of Shambafraud.on the planet Lama.Boots and company plan to infiltrate the servants’ headquarters the city  of Shambafraud on the planet lama.  After reaching Shambafraud, Boots and his team have to pass three tests in order to gain admission to the Dark Servant’s monastery.  First they have to travel to nearby city of Cowcuto and bring back an aura stone.  During their stay in Cowcuto Boots and the crew are mistaken for bandits but they are able to prove their innocence.  Next Boots and company must climb Mount Neverest and answer the mountain top monk’s 3 riddles.  Finally they have to fight their way through a labyrinth.  Once in the monastery Boots and the gang mange to sneak into the Dark Servant’s main computer room and hack a high security file.  The file revels that the Dark Servants have convinced the Universal Council to let them throw all the garbage from the landfill planet of Midden into an artificial black hole.  The black hole is in truth is a one way portal to Boot’s Universe.  After Boots and Company learn about this they are spotted by the Dark Servants.  They are almost able to bluff their way out but, Grumps is in the monastery and he exposes them as foes of the Chartgra.  Thus, Boots and his team have to fight their way to their ship.  After reaching orbit Boot’s ship is chased by some of the Dark Servants ships and is shot down over a nearby planet.  After trekking through a forest they reach a nearby city.  Upon reaching the city Irk realizes with horror that he has crashed landed on planet Jeldmar.  Irk is a wanted criminal on Jeldmar.  Seventeen years ago Irk was tasked by the Universal Council to persuade Jeldmar to join the Universal Federal Union.  The president of Jelmar didn’t want to join the union but, Irk kept droning on and on about the benefits of joining the union for 2 years!  Finally the president of Jeldmar got so annoyed he exiled Irk and his crew.  The president also threated to execute Irk and his crew if they ever returned. Since the President thinks that Boots and Company is Irk’s new crew, he has them captured.  Fortunately thanks to the help of Democratus’s diplomatic core they are able to convince the president and his chief advisor General Xale to spare their lives in exchange for doing a few jobs (the game requires you to choose Boots and Irk for your party at this point.  You get a different 3rd mission depending on who you chose for your 3rd party member).  Boots’s quest is to travel to the city of Vothham to stop a drug ring.  Irk has to protect the island village of Ionos from pirates.  Pal-18’s mission is to liberate a bio lab from an insane computer.  Stiletto is sent to the resort town of Costa Tropica to investigate the kidnaping of the president’s daughter.  Paco is tasked with rescuing miners from a mine collapse.  Democratus and Rho and stay in Jemlmar’s capital city Metropia to help scientists with research.  Shortly after Boots and company return to Metopia the city is attacked by the Dark Servants.  Boots and the gang team up with Xale to defeat the Dark Servants ships s in an aerial battle.  Xale decides to accompany Boots and the crew to Midden.Once orbiting Midden  Rho launched a scan of the planet.  However, it is unable to locate the portal generator.  Fortunately, Irk knows some people who may be able to help them find the generator. These people are a group of social outcast who live on Midden to escape oppression from the Universal Federal Union.  These outcasts call themselves the Middites.  They have located the Dark Servants’ base.  But before they are willing to tell Boots the location of the base they require Boots and his team to retrieve some valuable pieces of technology that they have discovered in the most dangerous region of Midden.  After storming the Dark Servant’s base, Boots and the crew believe they defeated the Servants and head back to Xachranoo.  Shortly after arriving on Xachranoo Boots and company are arrested by Jord but Xale escapes.  Jord reveals that the Darks Servants have overthrown most of the Universal Council leaving only their puppets in power.  Jord has Boots and the gang sent to the planet of Penalny.  Boots and the crew join other inmates in an attempt to overthrow the warden.  After a perilous trek across a desert, they manage to reach the prison administrative complex/space port.  They also manage to hijack a ship but they are shot down by the prison security system.  To make matters worse the warden orders Boots and his team, executed.  Fortunately Xale’s ship arrives on Penalny and uses a strange device to disable all of the robot guards on Penalny.  This allows the inmates to takeover Penalny.  After regrouping in Metropia, Boots and Company have a meeting with the president of Jelmar.  The president reveals that agents of the Jelmarin Intelligence Bureau (JIB) have discovered that the Dark Servants are building a new portal generator on the universal capital planet of Coreator.  He also reveals that the Dark Servants have placed a blockade around Xachranoo, making it nearly imposable to use the standard sender route to Coreator.  Fortunately agents of Jib have learned that the Dark Servants have set up a direct sender link to Coreator in the much less heavily guarded Shambafruad Dark Servant Monastery.

Anachronox Terimus



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