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The war in Europe is over, yet things are not well. A nation is planning a war of conquest, and no other country in Europe can stop the inevitable. The only question is who will reignite the fires of war in Europe?

Will it be the Germans, who had victory within their grasp, only to lose it due to the civil war and the doings of Admiral Canaris? Or will it be the Russians, who are eager to spread communism to the four corners of the globe? It may also be the French, who are eager for a chance to finally gain revenge on an unsuspecting Germany after their humilitating defeats in the previous World Wars. Or, England, who despite an incredible victory in the short Second World war, are faced with a collapsing overseas empire. Will they attempt to forge a new empire closer to home?

Which nation will spark the next war in Europe?

Created by :Azecreth 19:46, August 14, 2010 (UTC)

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