History of An Islamic World

Victory at Tours - October 732

In October 732, the surprising Islamic victory at The Battle of Tours brought about the spread of Islam into Europe. The Muslims won the battle because of the failure of the Pagan Mercenaries located at the Rhine to come to the Frank aide. This led the 56,000 Islamic forces to overcome the 38,000 Christian forces. As an outcome of the battle, Christianity was driven out of Gaul, and Lombard, which became part of the Caliphate. Islamic scientists and mathematicians quickly came to Western Europe, and brought about an Age of Enlightenment there. This was the Golden Age of Islam.

The Battle of Sunten - June 743

Under al-Walid II ibn Yazid, successor of the previous caliph who conquered Western Europe, Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik, the Muslim army of 120,000 advanced into Saxony, and were confronted by the Anglo-Saxon force of about 87,000 at Sunten, The gateway into Eastern Europe. The Islamic army, although suffering heavy losses, defeated the Anglo-Saxons, causing many of them to retreat to Britain, a fellow Anglo_Saxon community. Islam spread into Saxony, as did many ideas, and by September, all of the Christian nations in Europe were now mainly Islamic, save for Byzantium, Britain, and Ireland.

Fall of Byzantium - December 744

In December 744, the Byzantine Empire was at war with the Caliphate, The Byzantines now were a small empire consisting of the same land as Turkey, although Islam was spreading quickly. In December, the Islamic forces, The Caliphate and the Slavic nation of Al-Salava conquered Byzantium, and split the Byzantine Empire with Byzantium becoming a "Free Islamic City"/

The Break Up of The Caliphate - February 751

After the assassination of Caliph Abu Al-Mosheequi in January 751, whom had no traceable living family members, The Caliphate soon became a military police state under former general Minquessa Al-Saudi, whom claimed the title of caliph. The state dissolved into many different, though Islamic states. Notably, the original state lives on in the Saudi Empire.


The Nations of Islam 751

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