Flag of the CSA

Flag of the CSA

In this timeline, The Confederacy wins the Battle of Bristoe, which leaves an open path to Washington.  A few months later, Washington lays in Ruin. The Government was moved to Philadelphia. Meanwhile on the Western Front, the Confederacy passed through Missouri into Iowa. A year later, most of Iowa was theirs. A US counteroffensive to take back Washington is successful, but are stopped there. The War lasts until 1871. In the end, it is a Confederate victory. . Britain and France recognize the new nation, but make no attempts at diplomatic relations. Germany on the other hand is friendly with the new nation.  In the Utah Territory, people began to complain about the lack of support that the union was giving them, along with religious differences,  and declares there independence. The Republic of  Utah is born. All the other states and territories are sided with the Union though, for now.

Its 1879, and a triparte pact is being signed. Geermany, Austria and the CSA all were in this pact. This helped the CSA economically a lot. The whole time though, the USA was preparing for war. This war would become deadly for the race of man, and some nations will fall. What will happen in an America in Ruin?

This is a timeline created by DeliDog . Anyone is free to edit.

Live World News

March 24, 2013- Cascadia: Troops are pulled out of TIbet, President Harringson states that "The insurgency is over."

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