In 1922, Mussolini takes power with a great help of the army. In 1923, the things are in chaos in Europe, many fascist groups wants to take the countries.


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  • Mod Answer
  • Mod War
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Rules of the Mod Answer

  • The state who is making the question must be a diplomat and has to ask a country that has a player.
  • The state who is answering must be diplomat too and starts his answer with this: "Nation Diplomacy: answer"

Rules of the Mod War

  • The state who is declaring war must be send a message to the player of that nation in this page
  • The state who received the war declaration must answer to that declaration in the same page


  • Mapmaker 1: Mapmaker023 (talk) (I declare myself Mapmaker because whoever is making the maps is crappy at it)
  • Mapmaker 2: Blocky858 (I will be a map-maker now as well)


  • Socialist Iberia - João "like rio" Dinis
  • Spain (Annexed by Socialist Iberia)
  • Andorra (Joined Socialist Iberia)
  • France
  • Luxembourg (Joined Benelux Republic)
  • Belgium (Joined Benelux Republic)
  • Benelux Republic- Mapmaker023 (talk)
  • Weimar Republic - Blocky858
  • UK Bandon23 (talk) 11:06, December 24, 2014 (UTC)
  • Ireland
  • Iceland (Annexed by Scandinavia)
  • Norway (Annexed by Scandinavia)
  • Denmark (Annexed by Scandinavia)
  • Scandinavia (Formally Sweden) - Emperor Eric XV of Sweden - Sugar Rush Art Eric von Schweetz T C IM] Flag of Sweetmany
  • Finland (Annexed by Scandinavia)
  • USSR Tech (talk) 22:07, December 23, 2014 (UTC)
  • Poland
  • Switzerland (New Rome)- Jermster108
  • Monaco
  • New Rome - Jermster108
  • Austria (New Rome)- Jermster108
  • Yugoslavia
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Albania (Joined New Rome)
  • Grecee
  • Turkey - Lisastr67
  • Cyprus
  • Czechoslovakia - Spartian300
  • Liechtenstein (New Rome)- Jermster108
  • French territory in North Africa
  • Spanish territory in North Africa
  • Italian territory in North Africa
  • British Mandate of Egypt
  • British Mandate of Palestine
  • French Mandate of Syria - IrishPatriot (talk) 12:34, December 22, 2014 (UTC)
  • Iraq
  • Iran 
  • British Mandate of Jordania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Holy See
  • San Marino

Map of the Game

1923 map game june

The Game

January 1923

A new year starts in Europe, more fascist groups are planning to make coups in the countries of Europe. In Turkey, Mustafá Kemal makes a national state and in Italy Mussolini is jail the enemies of the government.

Netherlands: We improve our economy and industry and continue to manage our colonies. The Fascist Party is growing but at a slow rate. We ask Belgium and Luxembourg for a union.

French Mandate of Syria: Rebellions begin, demanding independence.

Portugal: This crisis in the Portuguese Republic is very big, the inflation rate is very big and we are almost penniless, in Coimbra a fascist group is created, the our army and our police are making the necessary efforts to watching the fascist group. We ask Spain to give Galicia.

Fascist Italy: Albanian inspired coups have been happening in Rome, Vicenza, and Venice. Country debates on invading Albania. Asks French Mandate of Syria for some land. We annex Albania.

February 1923

In USSR, more fascist groups in Belarus and Caucasus are trying to demand independence. In Iran, the inflation rate is very high and the fascist are trying to make a coup.

Fascist Italy: Thoughts of Imperialism spread throughout Italy as Benito Mussolini prepares to declare war on Yugoslavia, Switzerland, and Austria. Officially declares war on Vaniljoto Sweden. We declare war on Yugoslavia, Austria and Switzerland.

Vaniljoto Sweden: Sweden begins to improve its economy and build up its military. Industry continues improved to be one of best works in Sweden. After the first world war, the Kingdom of Sweden becomes an highly risk to collapses by invaders, along the population is too small at 5 million people. To reduce the threat, the Vaniljoto Party launches a major revolution in Stockholm. 400,000 protests match into and storm the Stockholm Royal House. Finally, the monarchy abolished and Republic declared, with Erich von Schweetz as their first president and Vanellope von Schweetz appears as an national character of Sweden. While the Population Act of 1924 is signed, Sweden's population now begins to grow faster by growth rate +46% each year, meaning one million people added each year. This marking the highest population growth rate on Earth in year 1923.

Portugal: Our army defeat the fascists, now Portugal is in a democratic boom but thr inflation rate stills big, we see that Spain will not give us Galicia, so we declare war on Spain. Or army is put in Viana do Castelo and in Freixo de Espada Á Cinta. The elections of Portugal will be in May 1923, we are sick of this liberalist government. Our population begins to grow a little more faster, due to the WWI and the Spanish Flu, the Portuguese population decrease 26%, but now the population is high than 1919 with a growth rate of 32%.

Turkey: Well we gotta conquest but I need to wait for sum reforms so ... or whatever. The heck I declare war on Bulgaria. There are Fascists there.

USSR: Economy and military are developed. We launch an invasion of Poland, as they are better off in our glorious state

March 1923

In France and Hungary are trying to put a Communist government in the USSR, Ukraine is trying to be independence.

Fascist Italy: We have successfully captured Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. We have made even more ground in Yugoslavia. We have officially made Albania a Italian province. Our economy continues to flourish.

Vaniljoto Sweden: Sweden continues to improve its economy and build up its military. Industry continues improved to be one of best works in Sweden. Sweden's population continues to grow faster by growth rate +46% each year, meaning one million people added each year. The Swedish military transforms from reality human military to a new, martial military power. This power was based upon book The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells and if they do it, Fighting Machines or Tripods was included in Swedish military. Even Italy conquered most lands, Sweden declares war on Denmark, Finland and Norway to expend its borders and makes the new Swedish empire here.

I'm a mod now, and I am actually trying to keep this game alive. So no

United Kingdom: UK began to improve economy and built its military. Infrastructure and industry also began to improve. Population grows 100,000 after a decrease in 1910 was 90,000.

Benelux Republic: With the successful formation of the Benelux Republic, we have our economy and industry booming. We manage our colonies and buildup our army. We ask for a Trade Pact with Vaniljoto Sweden.

  • Swedish Dip: We accepts our trade request, maybe alliance between Sweden and Benelux.

Socialist Portugal: A Communist Coup happens in our country, now Portugal is named Socialist Portugal but the elections stalls in May 1923, our inflation rate is in 20% and decreases. We are asking for a alliance with USSR [MOD ANSWER] We ask the USSR a Communist alliance for to defeat the fascist.

Benelux Republic accepts the offer for an alliance between itself and Vaniljoto Sweden.

April 1923

In France, a coup puts a Communist government same in Greece. A Earthquake in Tunisia and a tsunami causes one million deaths and <a href="tel:<a href="tel:10 000 000">10 000 000</a>">10 000 000</a> injured. Multiple French refugees go to the Mandate of Syria and Mainland France. In Italy, Mussolini reduces the number of refugees in Sicily and Sardenha.

New Rome: We have officially renamed our great country New Rome. We have officially taken over Yugoslavia after many hard fought battles. We ask Benelux Republic and Vanilijoto Sweden for an alliance. We ask for land from the Benelux Republic in exchange for land in New Rome. We have officially taken part of Northern Ireland to protect Ireland's safety.

Czechoslovakia: Fearful that New Rome may be getting to big for it's own good, we begin planning for war with them, in case they invade. Military expansion begins, and we ask for trade with the Weimer Republic. We support Britain against New Rome. We request an alliance with France in order to limit New Rome.

Socialist Portugal: More agrarian reforms in Portugal. We are happy with our economic situation but we need Spain. We are totally happy, because we are in Madrid, if Madrid falls, Spain falls. [MOD ANSWER] We ask again the USSR a Communist alliance to defeat the Fascists.

May 1923

USSR gives independence to Ukraine but Ukraine is still Communist. In Andorra, a Communist Coup happens and in San Marino, people are trying to join New Rome.

New Rome: We ask Portugal for an alliance. We prepare for possible war with Czechoslovakia and Britain.

Czechoslovkia: Begins preparing for war with New Rome, and requests an alliance with Portugal. Military expansion begins.

Weimar Republic: We accept trade with Czechoslovakia. Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch occurs earlier, and with support of the Reichswehr. The nation-state of Greater Germany is created. We ask for an alliance with New Rome. An invasion of Poland is announced, and we invade and annex Poland.

Scandinavia: Sweden changes its name to Scandinavia and continues to improve its economy and build up its military. Industry continues improved to be one of best works in Sweden. The Scandinavian population now reaches about 13 million people, while the military stands at 1,000,000 troops. Due to political friendships, Scandinavia requests an alliance to Weimar Republic and New Rome. In aftermath of the Swedish invasions of the whole Scandinavia in two months, Sweden annexes Denmark, Finland and Norway including Greenland, Iceland and Faroe Islands.

Socialist Iberia: We don't accept any offer of a fascist! We annexed Spain and we are very happy, again we ask a alliance with USSR and we continue to improve our population and the agrarian zone (Castelo Branco, Guarda, Santarém e Portalegre)

United Kingdom: We heard there is a invasion. Meanwhile, infrastructure is built and exported. We improve its economy and military to take our point for war. We're preparing for war with New Rome. We request with USSR for alliance.

June 1923

More Fascists are entering San Marino, the pressure is very high! What will happen?

Socialist Iberia: We continue to improve the agrarian reform and we will help the Communists of San Marino to make a coup. Andorra joins Socialist Iberia!. Now SI is completely united! We ask again to USSR an alliance, I ask thr UK fpr an alliance for defeat the fascists.

  • British Dip: We accept the alliance.

Czechoslovakia: Begins planning for war with New Rome. We ask Britain for an alliance to stop New Rome. Military improvement continues. Czechoslovakia is made a federation. In order to possibly halt New Rome, we invade Hungary, in order to bring any Slovaks there into our nation.

  • British Dip: We accept it.

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The game.

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Greater Germany - We invade and annex Denmark, the Saarland, and Alsace-Lorraine. We accept the alliance with Scandinavia.

New turn? Hello?

July 1923

Fascist revolts in France break out.

England elects a new prime minister, after the last one is mysteriously murdereR


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