The Simpsons is a widely loved animated television series being on since the 1980s. its creator was a man named Matthew Groening.

One of the most infamous characters in The Simpsons is Krusty the Clown. Most people have heard of him, but what people don't know is that he was a real person. Yep, Krusty the Clown is based off of a clown in Groening's hometown, named Rusty Nails.

But what if Rusty Nails was never a clown, and how would an alternate Simpsons turn out? How may one obscure clown change Television history?

Matthew Groening's The Simpsons

Was a  television series that lasted from 1989-1996 (seven seasons). The show was notorious for crude humor, but was cut due to a growing lack of interest during the last two seasons..

It was Matthew Groening's longest running series, but he lost credibility after the flops Futurama and The Andrew Show.

Fox dropped most animated TV series after the Simpsons, save smash hit Family Guy.

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