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 Edward VII decides that the United States had a role in assassinating Queen Victoria. So he decides to return the favor. Enlisting the services of John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate sympathizer who already had plot to assassinate Lincoln, Edward VII establish his alibis in public places while Booth moves into position; the White house. Booth requests a meeting with both president Lincoln and vice president Andrew Johnson alone in a private room and is surprisingly is let in and gets to meet the presidents. 5 minutes later sound of gunshots ring out in the White house, white house staff is alerted at the sound of gunshots and calls the police. Unfortunately, by the time the police arrive, Booth has made his escape.

With both the president and vice president assassinated the United States government is thrown into chaos which allows Canadian forces to march in Washington D.C. and force the Union to give the confederacy independence.

Commonwealth of Confederacy map

Map of the Confederate states during 1863.

Now was the perfect opportunity for Russia to invade and conquer the newly nullified Confederate states of America and take it over.

With Russian troops invading and suffering heavy losses the Confederates once again call for great Britain's help once again but will they come?

Created by Scotty Gaither

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