Statue of Amund in Trisett, Nord Helluland, Vinland

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< Predecessor: Snorri I <–– Third King of Vinland ––> Successor: Gunnvald I >

King of Vinland from 1059 - 1073 (Assisted by Hanne Reinert until 1060)


After his father's death, Amund I took over the throne at the age of 12. Hanne Reinert, the same person who trained Snorri, helped Amund for one year until his thirteenth birthday. He was 59 at the time.

Amund I was considered a sub-par king. Most people, pro-independence or pro-Norway, disliked him. He was generally pro-independent, but tried to treat everyone equally. It heavily backfired, because during his reign more than half of the Vinlanders were pro-independent.

He was assassinated by pro-independent rebels in 1073, which led to his son Gunnvald taking the throne. There were many attempts to kill Gunnvald as well, but he found out about them in advance.