-Wars, Segregation, Genocide, Starvation, Famine, Plagues, so many face this reality nowadays, but under so many darkness, Hope shall be reached, Peace, Equality, Freedom, and Liberty will UNITE the world, ending conflict once and for all ...

A scenario about the way America shall bring the world into prosperity and growth and unite the world into a democratic stance and rely on America's paradigm of a true republic hyperpower.

Mexican Annexation to the United States

Texas had recently gain independence from Mexico and is recognized from Britain, France, and the United States but not from Mexico. Mexico threatened Texas to move its border up to the Nueces River which the Texans rejected. In October of 1845, 3500 Americans with a few Texans, guarded the Nueces River prepared for the Mexican Invasion. Another American force stationed in Californian forts, defended the inhabitants from the upcoming invasion. Mexico also began preparations for war when Fort Texas was constructed on the Rio Grande River (American fort on Mexican lands). In 1846, the Oregon County is divided up by the US Senate and Britain, similar to OTL, except Vancouver Island is given to the United States.

Congress finally approved war with Mexico in May 13 as in OTL, after Mexico refuses Polk's offer of buying some of the northern Mexican lands. On April of 1846, Mexican cavalry besiege Fort Texas near the Rio Grande. General Zachery Taylor ordered reinforcements to Palo Alto and Rasaca de la Palma. Both Mexican strongholds fell to the Americans. Following those battles, with only 75,000 Mexicans living above the Rio Grande, the Americans quickly overrun them within minimal resistance. Santa Ana, though tried to persuade Polk to be set free, was never released back to the Mexican Empire unlike in OTL. The Mexican presidency was still empty and an emergency succession had to be held but no elections was vetoed as their attention was diverted to the Americans landing in Veracruz. 

Mexico City was overrun as in OTL by General Winfield Scott, by then, the Mexican government fled, scattered near Puebla and other remaining towns. Some of the officials of the Mexican government were killed during the siege of Mexico City. With the Mexican government in shattered pieces, the US Congress agrees, with Polk's persistence as an expansionist, to annex all of Mexico under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Mexico is re-organized into new territories. Resistance is heavy ,though, but Scott's troops quickly suppressed them. 

Under the Mexican Annexation Act, all Mexican states are to be set free, worsening the slave-free ratio further than in OTL.

Great Gold Rush and the Early Civil War

Gold Rush

In 1848, gold was soon discovered in the Californian territory. Wisconsin is admitted as a state that same year.

Thousands of prospectors seeking for gold flee to California. US miners in former Mexico migrated north adding more populations to California. California was soon added as a state by 1850, but California is received, not only lands of OTL CA, but Baja California as well. Rio Grande and Sonora is admitted states by 1852. 

Civil War

In 1854, the Republican Party is formed against slavery. Several protesters in the south are already in the verge of secession, mainly from the large free-slave ratio differences. Abraham Lincoln is appointed President in the 1857 election, much earlier than OTL, thanks to the quick support from the Mexican Americans whom desired anti-slavery movements. Lincoln pressed strict laws prohibiting slavery in the south and anti-segregation laws in Mexico hoping to bring equality amongst all. The southern states quickly seceded and formed the Confederate States of America in 1858. 

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