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North America
South America


Central America and the Caribbean

Nation Form of government Capital Language(s) Notes
Bahamas Monarchy Nassau English British Commonwealth
Central American Federation Republic, Federation Guatemala Spanish
Costa Rica Republic San José Spanish
Honduras Republic Belize English British Commonwealth
Jamaica Republic Kingston English British Commonwealth
Panama Republic Panama Spanish
Santo Domingo Overseas Region Santo Domingo Spanish, French Region of Spain
Yucatan Constitutional Monarchy Merida Spanish

North America

Nation Form of government Capital Language(s) Notes
Alaska Constitutional Monarchy Anchorage English, Russian
Arizona Absolute Monarchy Mesa Spanish
California Republic San Francisco Spanish, English
Columbia Republic, Federation Philadelphia English
Florida Republic St Augustine English, Spanish British Commonwealth
Georgia Republic Mobile English Dictatorship
Louisiana Republic New Orleans Spanish, French, English
Mexico Constitutional Monarchy Mexico Spanish
Monterrey Republic Monterrey Spanish
New England Republic, Federation Boston English
Oregon Republic Portland English, Russian, Spanish British Commonwealth
Quebec Republic Quebec French
Virginia Constitutional Monarchy Richmond English

South America

Nation Form of government Capital Language(s) Notes
Argentina Republic, Federation Buenos Aires Spanish
Brazil Constitutional Monarchy Rio de Janeiro Portuguese
Chile Republic Santiago Spanish
French Guiana Overseas Province Cayene French Province of France
Guyana Republic Georgetown English British Commonwealth
New Granada Constitutional Monarchy Santa Fe Spanish
Peru Constitutional Monarchy Lima Spanish
Venezuela Constitutional Monarchy Caracas Spanish

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