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It was decided to send troops to Iceland, the last Bastion of Freedom in Europe. However, leftists in the US Government in employ to the Soviet Union betray these plans to the Russians, and Stalin orders the island be taken, no matter the cost. It is now a race to figure out who reaches Iceland first, and if they can hold it from their opponent.

The Soviets arrive first, but only a few ships, roughly 4500 soldiers, on March 17, 1939. The Americans arrive two days later, with over 12,000 Marines and manage to land on the west coast, and push the Soviets out of Reykjavik, and soon the Battle of Iceland begins.

The Americans push farther, until the Soviets send reinforcements and stop the US Marines outside the small town of Akureyri, and the march to the West begins, until US soldiers arrive on April 2, and hold the town of Selfoss.

The two armies, fighting in rocky and treacherous conditions, are exhausted after four weeks. the question, however, is who will reach Iceland first, the US, or the Soviets?

Battle of Iceland part 1

The Battle of Iceland, Part One: Landings

Battle of Iceland part 2

The Battle of Iceland, Part Two: American Offensive

Battle of Iceland part 3

The Battle of Iceland, Part Three: Soviet Counter-Offensive

The US gets their first

The USSR gets their first

Tie! They both get their at the same time

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