Previous - Americans Fund Guerrillas in The USSR (CYOAH) Truman then puts out a draft for a vast number of troops, bordering on the tens of millions. The rest of unemployed America is set to work fueling the war machine about to march to the Moscow - that is, the making of guns, tanks, uniforms, etc.

Seven months later, the Americans land. It is a slaughterhouse the whole way through; somehow, they were expected. It is month after month of dreary, bloody fighting, but the Americans press on. The old Russian strategy of "throw so much meat into the grinder, the gears freeze up and the machine breaks" is losing its usefulness, with the low morale and high desertion rate of the Red Army. The Americans make it to Moscow, and, in one of the most spectacular massacres of all time, the city is taken in six days.

Patton stands victorious atop the Moscow Kremlin, overseeing the last of the Communists being terminated in the streets.

With this final, crushing blow, the Soviet Union dissolves, Communism is viewed as a failure, and not a single other nation becomes Communist.

The stimulated American economy becomes globally reaching, and the United States remains the world's only superpower to this day. Without Soviet interference, the Iraq war never happens, not that any country would want to mess with big brother American anyhow, and the 'States is now looked upon as the center for power, understanding, knowledge, freedom, and equality.

This is probably as close as it gets to a perfect world.

End of Storyline

Jazon Naparleon 04:34, October 5, 2010 (UTC)