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With the Reich in turmoil, the U.S. figures that it is the perfect time to strike. They start with an amphibious invasion of England and Ireland, both of which quickly fall as the population rises up and helps the invading forces against the Fascists. hhe U.S. then launches an invasion of France. They make quick progress, as the Reich is also distracted by a Soviet invasion of German held territory. Eventually, though, the Reich is able to stabilize the Front, and contain the US. forces. The Reich has many problems though, partisan uprisings occur throughout the Reich, and vital troops are drained off from the fronts to put them down. The Americans also control the seas, as the combined might of the full U.S. Navy crushes the Kriegsmarine. The U.S. air force has also been very active, and the Luftwaffe is hard pressed to defend Germany's vital interests, such as industry and nuclear silos.

After a couple of months, as the initiative passes back and forth in Europe, the Americans still do not control all of France, the Soviets are within 50 miles of Moscow, and the slaughter is unabated. Germany's army is being worn down, and there are even rumors spreading that the Italians and Spanish are planning to defect to the U.S. side. Quick action must be taken, or else the Reich will be lost!

Created by: Azecreth 18:32, August 8, 2010 (UTC)

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