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The President decides that Patton's idea is terrible. It will cost the US at least tens of thousands of casualties, and it will possibly cost the President his job. Luckily, he has a better idea. The US will retake everything not part of the USSR after the Treaty of Versailles, so the Russians are stuck in Russia, then while keeping them contained, they will undertake massive bombing campaigns against Russian industrial centers, crippling their war machine. Eventually, the Russians will fall apart from sheer attrition.

In order to keep Patton on his staff, the President puts him in charge of the operation, code named Iron Curtain. Patton doesn't like it, but he goes about getting the operation in motion with his usual flair. He sets up the mobile divisions to encircle the Soviet divisions, but not to pursue if they make it to Russia, unless an opportunity to make large-scale gains presents itself.

The operation goes successfully, The Soviets are forced to fall back into Russia proper, where the Americans end offensive operations, and begin setting up impenetrable defensive positions. The tank units are withdrawn from the line in order to form a large mobile reserve. The Air Force begins their part, and start large scale bombings of Russian industrial centers, which have begun moving to beyond the Urals.

In Russia, morale is relatively high. Sacred Russian soul has not been touched by enemy troops, and the end of American attacks has given time for the Russians to regain their momentum. A new reserve has been built up, and field armies have been prepared for an offensive. The Russian high command is determined to draw the Americans into a climactic battle that will shattered their armies, and their morale. However, they need to figure out where to stage this battle. Odds are that they will only be able to do this once. Where do they go into motion?

Polish territory


Middle east

Lure them in, then surround and destroy them

Created by: Azecreth 17:08, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

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